Tomatoes are not in season….

I LOVE the idea of farm to table (FTT) restaurants.  I support them every chance I can and desperately wish we had more of them in my area.  I try to be a clean eater…I eat whole foods, my diet is nutrient dense and I support sustainable practices. Can I do more?  Most certainly.  However, I’m doing a lot more than I did 5 years ago….even a year ago.  When you know better, you do better is my philosophy on this.  It’s a lot to take in and implementing this kind of change can be daunting so I’ve found baby steps are best.

Recently I went to a FTT restaurant I have visited in the past.  It had been a minute since I had been there, but I was quickly reminded how uppity I thought the millennial waitstaff could be.  From the moment I sat down and was shamed with the no straw policy (not sustainable), I braced myself.  I asked for a lemon.  Guess what….lemons are not in season.  I nearly had to beg the waitress for a normal size glass as I knew the shot/juice size glass she had given me for water wasn’t going to work for either one of us.  I have always thought that restaurants appreciated my creative flair in the way I special ordered my food.  Nope, not an option here…I had to stick to the menu.  Salad dressing options?  House.   The mic drop moment occurred when I asked for ketchup.  As you can imagine….tomatoes are not in season.  I nearly stood up and screamed, demanding my Heinz, like every other red blooded American!  Instead, I retreated, wiped my hands on their 1-ply, sustainable napkin and thought, I’m never going to come here again.  So there.
It’s a shame because I know these are good, well-intended people just trying to save and preserve our ecosystem.  In their enthusiasm and passion they’ve become extreme and instead of converting people I wonder how many people they are putting off.  I was already on their side and now all I want is Five Guys.
It made me think about Christianity, Christians and God….and how I’ve seen so many of my friends suffer, turn away and disavow God at the hands of well-intentioned Christians.  I get it!  I’m scared of Christians, too….and if I’m being honest, I’m still gun shy of organized religion.  While in church a couple of weeks ago we were asked to fill out cards sharing how the church, specifically, had made an impact on our life.  That plea hit me sideways.  I don’t want to HEAR about the good deeds of the church….I want to SEE the hands and feet of the church.  Bring on the testimonies!  However, hopefully they are about how God is moving in a person’s life and not how the church is acting as a chaperone between the two.  Perhaps I’m overreacting.  Perhaps I have wounds and personal issues I have to work through in this area.  I simply think it is best for God to work on our hearts rather than anyone else.  Deep breaths.
If anyone wants to borrow my soap box, let me know….  🙂

Take time to think- it is the source of power
Take time to read-it is the foundation of wisdom 

Take time to play-it is the secret to staying young
Take time to be quiet-it is the opportunity to seek God

Take time to be aware-It is the opportunity to help others
Take time to love and be loved-it is God’s greatest gift 

Take time to laugh-It is the music of the soul
Take time to be friendly-it is the road to happiness

Take time to dream-it is what the future is made of
Take time to pray- it is the greatest power on earth 

There is a time for everything 

Eccl 3:1

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