About Me

Hello and welcome to Living With Paper Cuts.  My name is Stacey Jennette and I am your host of this blog.  I am a middle-aged, 40+ unicorn.  Yep, a unicorn as I’ve never been married and don’t have any children.  If you are observant and move with the stealthiness of a fox you might just see a few of us roaming around in the wild.  However, proceed with caution as we spook easily.  Single and childless by choice?  Um, not really….my dream was to be the 1950s housewife with a station wagon (no SUVs back then) full of kids.  One of my greatest joys is to boss people around so having kids would have really scratched that itch. While I was waiting for the man to either catch up or keep pace with me, I pursued a career in the Entertainment Industry.  Somehow I was in the right place(s) at the right time(s) and got fast tracked to a moderately successful career.  Believe me, I was just as surprised as everyone else.  I learned to make tough decisions, I developed thick skin and made friends with not being everyone’s favorite all the time.  I learned to be autonomous.  I learned to be even more independent.  I made fast friends with being alone.  On the precipice of turning 40 I decided this was NOT the life I wanted nor the life I was destined to live.  So I made some changes, leaps of FAITH and pushed the boundaries to see how far I could bend without breaking.  I almost lost my way after nearly being overtaken by life’s paper cuts along the way…..or perhaps it was a culmination of a life’s worth of paper cuts that cut a wee bit deeper than I cared to admit.  Imagine that.
This blog is all about my learning to live and deal with life’s paper cuts, my musings and everything in between.  You’re probably thinking, why in the world would I follow a UNICORN!??!  And to that I say, ‘why not?’


My Faith 
Community (we are better together!)
Sun, Sand, Water
Warm Weather 


Chic Fil A (shh…don’t tell)
Sugar (shh…really don’t tell!)




You learn/grow the most from the mistakes you make.
True LOVE does exist.
FAITH is your best friend.
It’s OK to be determined.
It’s OK to change your mind.
It’s OK to ask for help.
Confidence is beautiful.